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Microblading Training Course San Diego California 2024
AVO Beauty Academy_San Diego California 2024_AVO Brows and Beauty


Are you ready to embark on an exciting journey into the world of permanent makeup? Our brow academy is your gateway to mastering the art of creating stunning, confidence-boosting brows that will leave a lasting impression. Unleash your creative side where artistry meets entrepreneurship and explore the world of brows with Rae, your new brow bestie!

Student Kit Included_Microblading Training San Diego

All of our LIVE In-person trainings include:

  • Starter kit and machine that can be used on your first few clients

  • FREE Access to our online brow course for up to one year to review the material.

  • Downloadable worksheets to use for practice

  • Small group class sizes up to 4 students maximum to ensure that every student gets proper feedback and attention.

  • Product List and discount codes

  • Ongoing support after the class to answer any questions and help you navigate your way through your permanent makeup journey.

  • Access to exclusive Student Community and events to further your education.

  • Access to our studio for bed rentals once certified.

  • Certificate of Completion


3-Day Course (3 Consecutive Days + 1 Future Model Day)

Course Length: 3 Days (2 days of fundamental training + 1 model day)

Experience: No prior experience or training needed

Technique: Microblading or Combo Brows

Instructor: Rae

Course Details: Whether you're a  budding artist or an aspiring entrepreneur, our courses are tailored to empower beginners with the fundamental skills needed to excel in the permanent makeup industry both in artistry and in business. Our 3-day in-person course is recommended for those who want the most hands-on experience and personalized guidance available.


  • No experience or license is required to enroll! We teach you all the fundamentals of the combo brow technique and include all the supplies you need to kick start your beauty business.

  • A $500 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your training date. The remaining balance will be due 7 days before class. Payment options are available upon request.

  • Students will receive instructions via email after registration with details including dress code, schedule, syllabus, etc. 

What You Will Learn:

How to Create Crisp Microbladed Strokes to Get the Best Healed Results

Shading technique with tattoo machine

Skin Anatomy, Skin Tones & Undertones

Choosing the Right Pigment

Brow Shaping

Easy Mapping Techniques

Proper Health and Sanitation Protocols

How to Start Your Beauty Business

How to Build Your Clientele

How to Take Photos

Marketing Tips 

1:1 Guidance on a LIVE Model

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AVO Brows and Beauty_Ombre Powder Brow Training San Diego
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Microblading Training San Diego 2024
AVO Brows and Beauty_Combo Brow Training San Diego

How long is the course?

The course includes two consecutive days of in-person fundamental training + one future day of hands-on training with your model. The first two days of fundamental training is an in-depth course that will teach our students everything they need to know to prepare for model day. After the two days of fundamental training, students are expected to practice on their own in preparation for model day. For classes outside of San Diego, model day will take place on the last day of your training dates.

Will I have access to online training too?

All in-person trainings include access to our online course. Students will gain access to our online training seven days before our class. Students are expected to complete the online portion prior to attending the in-person training. To get the best out of our time together, it is best to focus on technique during the in-person training.

What’s included in my student practice kit? 


The Student Practice Kit includes materials and tools that can be used for your first few clients:


  • AVO Universal Microblading Pens 

  • AVO Microblades 

  • AVO Practice Latex Sheets

  • Pink Shading Cartridges

  • Rotary Tattoo Machine

  • Power source

  • Mapping string

  • Practice Pigment

  • Thinning agent

  • Caliper

  • Clear ruler

  • Shaping pencil

  • Grip Tape

  • Pigment rings

  • Shaping tape

  • Practice skins

  • Numbing applicator brushes

  • Microblading cotton picks

  • Grooming Blade

  • Pigment Rings


What's the difference between microblading and machine shading?

Microblading is a form of tattoo that mimics the look of hairstrokes. Machine Shading is a form of tattoo that creates a pixelated powder look. In our Combo Brow course we will be teaching both techniques. 

Do I need any experience?

No experience is necessary. If you are willing to put in the work and consistently practice the technique, you can become a certified permanent makeup artist. We provide you with a structured course to learn the fundamentals of the brow technique and provide constructive feedback to improve your skills. 

Do I need to bring my own model?

Yes. You will be required to find your first model to work on. We encourage you to find your own model as this will yield a more realistic experience of responsibility in the preparation of an actual procedure. If you are unable to find your own model, please reach out to us for assistance.

When will I receive my certificate?


After the training, you will be given assignments to complete and master on your own and submit to the instructor. Once you have completed all assignments and have demonstrated your understanding of working with skin, color selection, shaping, mapping, and perfecting the brow pattern, you will be approved to schedule your model day session and complete your first full session side-by-side with the instructor. A certificate of completion will be given after completing your first session with your model.

Do I need to be a cosmetologist or esthetician to perform permanent makeup services?

No, neither of these licenses are required to perform permanent makeup in California. Licensing is region specific so please be advised to check the requirements in your own region.

Will I be able to rent space at your studio to perform procedures?

After students have completed the course and received their certification, students will have the opportunity to rent studio space to perform a permanent makeup procedure on their own clients for $100. 

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AVO Brow Instructor

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