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Lip Care
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If you want your newly blushed lips to look good and last long, it's going to take a little prep work.

Proper preparation for a lip blush appointment will likely prevent complications relating to your well being, but also help you achieve the best possible healed results. 

Prep work:

It is CRUCIAL to exfoliate your lips and remove any dead or dry skin at least 72 hours before your appointment. Dry lips will not retain any pigment and will flake off when healing. Be sure to keep your lips moisturized day and night leading up to your appointment. 

If you have had any history of cold sores on the outside of your mouth, you will need to take anti-viral prescribed medications starting 3 days before your appointment until you are done healing (or as prescribed by your doctor).


Within 24 hours of your appointment:

  • Avoid drinking any alcohol

  • Avoid any products with caffeine (this includes chocolate, soda, decaf, tea)

  • Avoid blood thinning medications (such as aspirin, Advil, Niacin, or Vitamin E) unless prescribed by your doctor.

Some things to consider: 

  • No lip fillers within the last 4 weeks

  • Leave the kiddos at home. Make the necessary arrangements prior to your appointment so we can 100% focus on creating flawless lips.

  • Timing is everything. If you have a special event coming up within 10 days after your procedure, you may want to consider scheduling your appointment after the event to allow for the healing process to take place.

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Take lots of selfies and tell the world how on point those lips look (or at least Yelp! and Google). Then be sure to follow these steps CAREFULLY to ensure those lips heal properly. The next seven days following your procedure are the most crucial to the success of your lips healing.

Please follow these instructions carefully during the healing process:


  1. Do not use any skincare products that exfoliate your skin such as scrubs, retinol, and acids while your lips are healing. Even after healing, exfoliation will fade your lips prematurely.

  2. Do not use any ointments or moisturizers besides the one we provide.

  3. Do not scrub or pick your lips. Your lips should flake naturally. If you pick them, you can lose pigment or pull off healing skin.

  4. Do not tan or expose your lips to excessive sun at least 10 days post your session. 

  5. Avoid heavy exercise, facials, swimming, saunas and hot tubs for 7 days. Keep you upper lip area free from sweat. 

  6. Do not apply makeup or any products on the lips for at least two weeks. Chemicals in makeup can interfere with the healing process and color of your new lips.

  7. Do not thread or wax around your lip area for 10 days.

  8. Avoid spicy and salty foods as your lips will be very sensitive and tender. Drink from a straw for at least 7 days. 


Day 1 - 7: Keep your lips clean and lightly moisturized with ointment provided.  Your lip color will appear bright and bold like a lipstick effect.

Day 2: Your lips will begin to peel and feel very dry. Continue applying a light layer of ointment.

Day 7: By day 7 your lips will have fully healed. Color will still be light and will begin to resurface with 6-8 weeks. 

Once healed, your lips will appear softer and very natural. Lip blush is meant to provide a flush tinted color to your lips and is not a bold lipstick look. Please be patient during the full healing process. Once healed, we can assess your results at the touch up appointment to perfect your desired lip color and fill in any spots that may have been lost during the healing process.

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