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Introducing the ULTIMATE marketing tool for permanent makeup artists with The Sweater That Says It All. Are you a talented artist looking to effortlessly attract more clients? Our strategically designed sweater is here to help you market your services in style and comfort.


WALKING BILLBOARD: For those awkward moments when you don't know how to approach someone in desperate need of brows, let your sweater do the talking! The bold design will naturally pique the curiosity of those around you, sparking conversations about your expertise.


BOOST YOUR BIZ: As your future clients approach you to inquire about your sweater, seize the opportunity to introduce them to your passion and skills. It's an effortless way to expand your client base and gain new customers.  


SUPREME COMFORT: We understand that long days doing brows demand ultimate comfort. That's why our sweater is crafted from a luxurious blend of ring-spun cotton and fleece, making it exceptionally soft and cozy.


STYLISH CUT: We've designed our sweater with a trendy cut that not only prioritizes comfort, but also elevates your fashion game. It's perfect to wear while you are slaying brows or enjoying a casual day out.  


Tell them you're a brow artist without telling them you're a brow artist. Order yours now and start bringing in new clients!


The Sweater That Says It All - CROPPED

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